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RSA methodology was applied to more than 100 Start-Ups and Small Businesses throughout Italy

  • RSA™ is a proven methodology that enables the rapid identification of the weaknesses and strengths of a business and the definition of priority interventions in a shorter time and at lower costs than traditional approaches
  • More specifically, the application of the RSA methodology results in the identification of:
    • a synthetic profile of the business based on 6 areas of analysis to identify the macro areas where action is needed
    • an analytical profile based on 18 categories, to define specific improvements
    • and analytical and synthetic comparison with ‘best in class’ businesses (GcM Consulting proprietary data base).
    • A development plan to promote growth.

The competitive profile of each company is determined through 6 main dimensions and 18 detailed indicators

Following the analyses, the strong points and weaknesses are highlighted.

From the analysis of the weaknesses, a table of interventions can be defined

By tracking over 30 startups accompanied for 12 months, they showed improvements in all areas

Some of the Start-Ups followed by GcM Consulting are finding particularly significant results:

Athonet (wireless telecommunications applications) received the “Premio Nuvolaverde” in the New Businesses category from the President of the Italian Republic and was selected for the 2013 Global Mobile Award in Barcelona

ByFlow (quality control for nano-biotech products), 2011 award for Research and Innovation from the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna and finalist at Biotech prize

Health Robotics (robotics for medical applications) has acquired over 80% of the world market for IV-generation oncological robots and won the prestigious “Industriepreis 2012″ for medical devices

Make Italia (integrated supply-chain) , in 3 years, 30 employees and of turnover 4 M€

RSens (innovative sensors for the detection of Radon) won 1st  Prize at “Innova Day Green Tech” in 2011