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Born in Ivrea, To, on May 20 th , 1966.

He holds a bachelor degree in Ingegneria Gestionale from the Politecnico di Milano.

He worked for over a decade in Strategic and Top Management Consulting in Europe, North and

South America, in the practices of Operations, reaching the role of Vice president. Head of the

Automotive, Consumer Goods and Operations practice has grown and led a team of 30 consultants.

Since 2010 he led a start-up business in the ‘industrialized building sector’, developing both mature

markets, such as’ Western Europe, as well as emerging ones, such as Brazil, Africa and the Middle


He managed and delivered projects of Strategy, business development, change management,

product development, supply chain, market entry and market development.

To directly contact Corrado Capellano write to: corrado.capellano@gcmconsulting.it