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Green Design 2018 summit in the European Parliament in Brussels

This summit will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels (Rue Wiertz 60).

The main forum on Thursday, 27 September 2018, will take place in room 2Q2 in the Antall Building

On Friday, 28 September 2018, there will be two sub forums in the 1st floor of the Spinelli Building:
- Green Tourism, 1G2
- Green Smart City, 1G3

In case you do not have a valid access badge for the EP, please send us asap (not later than Fri, 21 September) your affiliation, position and phone number as well as date of birth, nationality, passport (or ID) number. On the basis of this information, the EP security will then prepare an access badge for you.

If we have received this information in time, you can pick up your access badge on Thursday, 27 September (12.30-13.00) and Friday, 28 September (08.00-08.30) in the visitors space in the Spinelli Building. This visitors space is located, when you will come from the Place de Luxembourg, left of the Luxembourg entrance of the Spinelli Building.

Our staff can be reached via the following phone number: +86-135.0639.6620.