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Exobase in Europe, a quick update by Niccolò Viviani

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

Quick update on the tour! After my last email we have travelled to Turin, Geneva and Budapest. Again very successful exobases, you can check our albums of pictures here:

Tomorrow we are travelling to Prague, and then we will head to Berlin, before Warsaw and the baltic countries.

“Success in business requires deep philosophy, because there are too many difficulties and psychological challenges for will-power to be enough. In order to respond to all the very different kind of experiences that you will encounter in business, you need a mental framework that provides you the tools to face the challenges and solve the problems instaed of quitting and fail. Steve Jobs, Rockefeller, Thales are just few example of this truth and we will introduce these concepts at Exobase, etc..” Finally, we are getting a lot of attention for our Copernicus program:

This is very important because what is happening is that we can talk to important people, especially professors of universities, and then ask them to share the news about us going to their city with Exobase, if their students are interested in Copernicus. So please please try to collect emails and contacts of professors in your country/city in business, economics, social sciences, physics, mathematics, engineering and lets discuss together how we can reach out to them effectively and get more people to exobase through them!
Niccolò Viviani